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Spirituality and Self-Esteem

Spirituality & Self-Esteem:

Paradigm for the 21st Century

This challenging, yet optimistic, in-depth work takes us back to our religious roots, to the birth of our paradigms, and explores how our mind-sets have shaped our reality; then moves us forward into a 21st century view that empowers us to see Spirit in all things.


"Self-esteem development is a spiritual pursuit," say the authors of Nothing is Too Good to Be True! "It is a path that includes honoring our sacred self!" Only when we accept ourselves in our entirety, both the darkness and the light, will we see that our spirituality lies in being fully human."


This book is a visionary manifesto of philosophical and psychospiritual wisdom that will speak deeply to those embarking on the next step of their spiritual evolution.

Editorial Reviews

"Spirituality & Self-Esteem is a treasure chest of gems all in one beautiful package. The book is filled with useful insights and powerful tools that work!" 

Wayne W. Dyer, author of Wisdom of the Ages

"I enthusiastically endorse Spirituality & Self-Esteem. I was impressed with its direct approach and clear vision of what healthy self-esteem looks like. It is a book for young and old, recovery and non-recovery. It is a book for you!" 

Rev. Leo Booth, author of Spirituality & Recovery.

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