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Keynotes & Seminars

  • How to Be the Change: A Journey Toward Personal and Global Transformation


  • Creative Strategies for Managing Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Creating Social Change Through Nonviolence

  • The Transformative Power of Anger

  • The Shadow: Breeding Ground for Passive Violence

  • Strategic Methods of Nonviolent Communication

  • Seven Essential Pathways to Inner Peace

Leona Evans
Leona Evans

Awakening the Soul through the Enneagram

The Enneagram is an extraordinarily powerful framework for awakening the Soul to its spiritual potential. During this intensive, you will:

  • Identify your personality type

  • Learn to distinguish between personality and Essence

  • Discover how to transform your deepest fears into your greatest strengths

Nothing is Too Good to Be True -
Manifesting your Heart's Desire

This workshop focuses on understanding and demonstrating your creative talents. Through a universal process that begins in mind and culminates in manifestation, you will:

  • Find your inner passion

  • Discover your innate gifts

  • Express your creative potential


The Enneagram & Relationships

The better we understand others and ourselves the more able we are to enjoy amicable and fulfilling relationships within our family, our circle of friends and in the workplace. Each personality type has its own strong points, vulnerabilities, and ways of seeing the world. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn effective methods of communication among the types

  • Learn to understand and overcome personality challenges

  • Learn to transform your weaknesses into strengths

Spirituality & Self-Esteem

This workshop is designed to provide nurturing support for the aspect of our spiritual journey that involves embracing our sacred humanity. You will:

  • Find ways to see the ordinary in extraordinary ways

  • Learn to experience genuine self-acceptance

  • Discover how to find the gold in your shadow

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